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Final Report of the COST-247 Action

Validation of the Link Layer Protocol of the IEEE-1394 Serial Bus (FireWire): an Experiment with E-LOTOS

M. Sighireanu, R. Mateescu

INRIA Rhone-Alpes
655 avenue de l'Europe
F-38330 Montbonnot Saint Martin
Tel: +(33) 4 76 61 52 89
Fax: +(33) 4 76 61 52 52
E-mail: ,


This paper deals with the description in E-LOTOS of the asynchronous LINK layer protocol of the IEEE-1394 Standard and its verification using model-checking. The E-LOTOS descriptions are based on both the standard and the mu-CRL description written by Luttik. The verifications are performed using the CADP (C&AE;SAR/ALDEBARAN) toolbox. We translate the E-LOTOS descriptions in LOTOS using the TRAIAN tool, and then we generate the underlying LTS models corresponding to various scenarios using the CAESAR compiler. We formally express in the ACTL temporal logic the five correctness properties of the LINK layer protocol stated in natural language by Luttik and we verify them on the LTS models using the XTL model-checker. We detect and correct a potential deadlock caused by the ambiguous semantics of the state machines given in the standard, which can be misleading for implementors of the IEEE-1394 protocol.

This presentation has been given during the COST-247 2nd International Workshop on Applied Formal Methods in System Design (Zagreb, Croatia, June 18-19, 1997).

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