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Final Report of the COST-247 Action

Testing at LTiV - Research and Application Projects

Krzysztof Brzezinski

Institute of Telecommunications
Warsaw University of Technology
Nowowiejska Str. 15/19
00-665 Warsaw
Tel: +48-22-660-74-96
Fax: +48-22-660-75-64


An account is given of the activities undertaken at the Laboratory of Testing and Verification (LTiV), Warsaw Univ. of Technology, within the framework of COST 247 action WG3. To address a number of fundamental and practical questions, a modular approach to testing is submitted. Conceptual modularity is dealt with by defining a new, efficient taxonomy of testing-related concepts and techniques. The technical aspect of modularity is addressed by decomposing MOT functions into a number of generic modules and composing these (separately implemented) modules to obtain a range of both traditional and novel test instruments. As an example of the application of proposed methodology, the PMM family of test modules is briefly described. The KODEKO signalling monitor is presented in detail.

This presentation has been given during the COST-247 Project Management Committee Meeting (Stirling, United Kingdom, October 13--14, 1997).

COST-247 Working Group(s): 1

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