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Final Report of the COST-247 Action

Specification of the XTP Context Management Closing Procedure with a TLA

Tatjana Kapus, Zmago Brezocnik

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Maribor
Smetanova ul. 17, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Email: ,
Tel: +386 62 221-112
Fax: +386 62 225-013


We consider the specification of the context management closing procedure of Xpress Transfer Protocol (XTP) in the style of Lamport's Temporal Logic of Actions. It is assumed that a full-duplex association over a pair of lossy channels between two contexts on different hosts is being closed, such that any data for that connection have already been delivered successfully to the hosts. Thus, only the case of the closing procedure is considered where both contexts are active and synchronized initially, and only control messages are needed until the association is closed.

This presentation has been given during the COST-247 3rd Management Committee Meeting (Evry, France, September 19--20, 1994).

COST-247 Working Group(s): 2

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