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Final Report of the COST-247 Action

Focus Points and Convergent Process Operators

Jan Friso Groote

Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica
Specification and Analysis of Embedded Systems
P.O. Box 94079
1090 GB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31-20-5924232
Fax. +31-20-5924199


We are searching for improved ways to prove the correctness of distributed systems and protocols. Our investigation has led to a method that we baptise the Cones and Foci method. A parallel process is first transformed in a linear process by expanding the parallellism. By using convergent process operators, the description remains relatively small and the state space explosion is circumvented. Then, in order to prove a specification equal to an implementation, six sets of requirements need to be checked. Using this method we have proven a number of rather intricate distributed systems correct.

This presentation has been given during the COST-247 6th Management Committee Meeting (Budapest, Hungary, October 26-27, 1995).

COST-247 Working Group(s): 1

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