The Dyade/Vasy Action

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1. Overview

Dyade is a joint venture between Bull and Inria for advanced research. Within Dyade, the Vasy action targets at the application of formal methods and tools developed at INRIA to the design of several multiprocessor architectures developed at Bull.

The Vasy project emcompass several working areas:

The benefits of the approach used in the Vasy project are the following:

Although there is an extra cost during the design phase (due to formal specification and verification), this cost is considered as a quality insurance cost.

2. The Dyade/Vasy Action

Starting date: January 1995 (officially created in 1996)

Ending date: 1998

Client within Bull: Bull R&D site in Pregnana (Italy)

INRIA hosting projects: Vasy-RA (INRIA Rhône-Alpes), Pampa (INRIA Rennes)

Operational supervision: Nadia Tawbi [1995], Ghassan Chehaibar [1996-1997], Massimo Zendri [1997-1998] (Bull)

Scientific supervision: Hubert Garavel (INRIA Rhône-Alpes) and Claude Jard (INRIA Rennes)

Team Members: Ghassan Chehaibar (Bull)
Christophe Discours (INRIA Rhône-Alpes)
Hubert Garavel (INRIA Rhône-Alpes)
Claude Jard (INRIA Rennes)
Thierry Jéron (INRIA Rennes)
Mark Jorgensen (INRIA Rhône-Alpes)
Hakim Kahlouche (INRIA Rennes)
Radu Mateescu (INRIA Rhône-Alpes)
Pierre Morel (INRIA Rennes)
Laurent Mounier (INRIA Rhône-Alpes/Verimag)
Laurence Nedelka (INRIA Rennes)
Mihaela Sighireanu (INRIA Rhône-Alpes)
Nadia Tawbi (Bull)
César Viho (INRIA Rennes)
Massimo Zendri (Bull)


The Dyade/Vasy project focused on two consecutive case-studies provided by Bull:

3. Publications

Publications related to "PowerScale"

[1] Specification and Verification of the PowerScale Bus Arbitration Protocol : An Industrial Experiment with LOTOS
Ghassan Chehaibar and Hubert Garavel, Laurent Mounier, Nadia Tawbi, Ferruccio Zulian
Proceedings of the Joint International Conference on Formal Description Techniques for Distributed Systems and Communication Protocols, Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification, FORTE/PSTV'96 (Kaiserslautern, Germany), 1996, Ed. Reinhard Gotzhein and Jan Bredereke, pp 435--450, IFIP, October, Full version available as INRIA Research Report, RR-2958.

Publications related to "Polykid"

[2] An Industrial Experiment in Automatic Generation of Executable Test Suites for a Cache Coherency Protocol
H. Kahlouche, C. Viho, M. Zendri
in Proceedings of IWTCS'98 "International Workshop on Testing of Communicating Systems", Tomsk, Russia, September 1998

[3] Hardware testing using a communication protocol conformance testing tool
H. Kahlouche, C. Viho, M. Zendri
in Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS'99), Amsterdam, the Netherlands, March 1999

[4] System Design of a CC-NUMA Multiprocessor Architecture using Formal Specification, Model-Checking, Co-Simulation, and Test Generation
H. Garavel, C. Viho, M. Zendri
INRIA Research Report RR-4041, November 2000

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