Welcome to My Personal Home Page!

Here you can find some information on my life to present days...

The Romanian Years

I was born in Romania, Craiova. I grew up in  Bucharest  from the age of three, where I also did all my studies. I went to high school at Liceul "Nicolae Balcescu", which was initially called Liceul "Sfantul Sava" but its name changed in the fifties. Like most of the Romanian institutions, it has retrieved its original name after the Revolution in 1989.
I graduated from "Nicolae Balcescu" in 1988 with a diploma based on mathematics and physics.
I did my universitary studies at the Polytechnical Institute in Bucharest (now called The University "Politehnica"), at the Department of Computer Science and Automatics, from where I graduated in 1993 with a Diploma in Computer Science. During my last universitary year, I spent 6 months with the SYMPA research group at INP Grenoble, where I did my final year project under the supervision of Traian Muntean , now professor at  Université de la Méditerranée  Aix-Marseille 2, LIM Laboratory.

"Vive la France!"...

In February 1993 I went to  France for my final year project. I followed with a Master Degree (DEA) at INP Grenoble  the year after my graduation at the Department of Computer Science and Automatics in Bucharest. I left  Grenoble  after two years during which I've started to love this beautiful town - as I am very fond of skiing and  Chamrousse, the resort of the 1968 Olympic Games, is only half an hour away from Grenoble- to make friends and to enjoy doing scientific research in an academic area. For this last thing I am grateful to all my collegues and friends from the SYMPA Group and especially to Traian, who inoculated me with the necessary thirst and passion!
In January 1995 I moved to Rennes,  Brittany, where I started a  PhD in Computer Science with the  EP-ATR  Group at  IRISA-INRIA. I spent three long and wonderful years in Rennes: it was a very challenging period from many points of view - and who ever has been through a PhD knows what I am talking about! - but also a period where I discovered one of the most beautiful and original regions of France, I started to love the sea and its rocky coast, and I made very good friends for life...

On British Land

In February 1998 I moved to Reading where I worked for 18 months as a Research Officer in the  Formal Methods and System Engineering  Group at The University of Reading. As you might have guessed, I have much enjoyed my work in Reading, and descovering  London, Cornwall, Scotland and so many other beautiful places... were some of the best experiences I ever had.

Back to France

Since November 1999 I am with  INRIA Rh^one-Alpes  in Grenoble. My work is very challenging and the mountains, now covered by snow, are so close again...

General Information about me

My parents live in Romania, Bucharest, and there might be soon a web page where you can access them. My sister  is doing  a PhD in Applied Mathematics (here is a link to the Center for Applied Mathematics) at the University of Notre Dame, Indianapolis.
My husband Peter is working at INRIA as well, here  is his web page.

And here are my  Hobbies...

My favourite one is by no means travelling! I spent three years in Morocco (my father worked there), I have travelled a lot around Europe (Ireland, UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Russia and Lituania), and I've even been to Beijing and Xian in China.
I like sports, specially cycling (with food, clothes and the tent on my cycle in Ireland, Wales, Germany, Britanny) and skiing, but I play squash and tennis from time to time, and I enjoy any aerobic activity. Lately, I have discovered jogging... And when I am not doing all of that, I go to the cinema, I read and I listen to classical music.