The University of Ottawa Ranks Second at the International Feature Interaction Contest using LOTOS and the CADP/EUCALYPTUS Tools

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We are pleased to report that the LOTOS Research Group at the University of Ottawa ranked 2nd among the participants of the Feature Interaction Contest organized in association with the 5th International Workshop on Feature Interactions (Lund, Sweden, September 29 - October 1, 1998).

We quote hereafter a message from Prof. Luigi Logrippo (University of Ottawa) providing insight about this international contest. We congratulate Prof. Logrippo and his team for their scientific achievements.

These results have been made possible by the EUCALYPTUS-1 and EUCALYPTUS-2 projects, a four-year collaboration between INRIA Rhône-Alpes and the Universities of Liège, Montréal, and Ottawa.

Other success stories obtained using the software engineering toolbox CADP are listed in the CADP Web Page.

From: Luigi Logrippo <>
Subject: Feature Interaction Contest
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 98 12:58:14 EDT

Greetings to all,

One of the purposes of this list is to distribute information about LOTOS use and LOTOS successes, so here is an interesting item (with apologies to those who already know).

In connection with the Fifth Feature Interaction Workshop, recently held in Lund, a Feature Interaction Contest was organized.

The contestants were given specifications of a number of telephony features. They had to apply tools to determine whether the features had interactions. The group that found the most interactions would win.

Six teams participated in the contest, and one, ours, used LOTOS and its tools. We used a variety of tools, e.g. LOLA, our own XELUDO, but especially Caesar/Aldebaran.

We are happy to report that we were ranked in second place in the contest (which however did not have a second prize...). Team members were my Master students Jennifer Fu and Pascal Harnois, with the assistance of Jacques Sincennes and I (Jennifer and Pascal did almost all the work, we must add).

The first prize went to a LSR-IMAG group (Grenoble) who used Lustre and related tools.

[So one could observe that the tool-making capabilities of the Grenoblois came out pretty shining in this contest].

Information on the contest, including complete submissions, can be found on

I believe that this page will be updated soon with further information, such as detailed contest scoring, etc.

Nancy Griffeth of Lucent and the other contest organizers (Ralph Blumenthal, Jean-Charles Gregoire, and Tadashi Ohta). should be congratulated for having given the world a very nice example, on which other languages, tools, and skills, will be tested in the future.



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