The VASY 1997 Roadmap

This year, we are heading in four research directions:

  1. Case-studies and industrial applications

    An essential aspect of VASY's approach is the permanent confrontation with real-life problems, mostly issued from industrial needs. Thus, we can pinpoint relevant problems which give matter to new research. In 1997, we plan to tackle the following case-studies:

  2. Improvement of compiling techniques for LOTOS

    For the aforementioned case-studies, we plan to use the LOTOS language and the CADP toolbox. In 1997, we will focus our efforts on the following aspects:

    • a - Interfacing the C code generated from LOTOS descriptions with the real-wold
    • b - Size reduction of the generated finite-state models

  3. Improvement of verification techniques

    In addition to LOTOS-specific compiling techniques, we will also work on language-independent verification techniques.

    • a - Development of the XTL generic evaluator for modal mu-calculus
    • b - Connection of CADP with the Meije verification tools
    • c - Experiments with compositional verification

  4. Definition and implementation of E-LOTOS

    VASY is actively taking part in the revision of the LOTOS standard undertaken within ISO:

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