FIACRE: An Intermediate Language for Model Verification in the TopCased Environment

Bernard Berthomieu, Jean-Paul Bodeveix, Patrick Farail, Mamoun Filali, Hubert Garavel, Pierre Gaufillet, Frédéric Lang, and François Vernadat

Proceedings of the 4th European Congress on Embedded Real-Time Software ERTS 2008, January 2008


FIACRE was designed in the framework of the TopCased project dealing with model-driven engineering and gathering numerous partners, from both industry and academics. Therefore, FIACRE is designed both as the target language of model transformation engines from various models such as SDL, UML, AADL, and as the source language of compilers into the targeted verification toolboxes, namely CADP and Tina in the first step. In this paper, we present the FIACRE language. Then transformations from AADL to FIACRE are illustrated on a small example.

5 pages