EXP.OPEN 2.0: A Flexible Tool Integrating Partial Order, Compositional, and On-the-fly Verification Methods

Frédéric Lang

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Integrated Formal Methods IFM'2005 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), November 2005

Full version available as INRIA Research Report RR-5673.


It is desirable to integrate formal verification techniques applicable to different languages. We present EXP.OPEN 2.0, a new tool of the CADP verification toolbox which combines several features. First, EXP.OPEN 2.0 allows to describe concurrent systems as a composition of finite state machines, using either synchronization vectors, or parallel composition, hiding, renaming, and cut operators from several process algebras (CCS, CSP, LOTOS, E-LOTOS, mCRL). Second, together with other tools of CADP, EXP.OPEN 2.0 allows state space generation and on-the-fly exploration. Third, EXP.OPEN 2.0 implements on-the-fly partial order reductions to avoid the generation of irrelevant interleavings of independent transitions. Fourth, EXP.OPEN 2.0 allows to export models towards other tools using interchange formats such as automata networks and Petri nets. Finally, we show some practical applications and measure the efficiency of EXP.OPEN 2.0 on several benchmarks.

21 pages


Slides of F. Lang's lecture at IFM'05