TRAIAN 2.6 released on February 27, 2008

The VASY team is pleased to announce that the TRAIAN 2.6 compiler is available.

TRAIAN 2.6 is a compiler for LOTOS NT, a language very close to the ISO standard E-LOTOS.

Within the VASY and HELIX teams, TRAIAN is used extensively for compiler construction (see the overview publication). Nine compilers (AAL, Chp2Lotos, Ctrl2Blk, Evaluator 4.0, Exp.Open 2.0, Fsp2Lotos, Lnt2Lotos, NTIF, SVL 2.0) have been developed using the combined SYNTAX/TRAIAN technologies.

Version 2.6 of TRAIAN brings significant enhancements:

Additionally, TRAIAN 2.6 fixes fifteen bugs, among which:

The development of TRAIAN 2.6 was partly supported by the French Ministry of Economy, Finances, and Industry, and by Conseil Général de l'Isère under the MULTIVAL project of Minalogic.

TRAIAN 2.6 can be freely downloaded from the TRAIAN Web Page located at:

David Champelovier,
Hubert Garavel,
Yves Guerte, and
Frédéric Lang.

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