Translating FSP into LOTOS and Networks of Automata

Frédéric Lang, Gwen Salaün, Rémi Hérilier, Jeff Kramer, and Jeff Magee
Formal Aspects of Computing, 22 (6) 681-771, November 2010


Many process calculi have been proposed since Robin Milner and Tony Hoare opened the way more than 25 years ago. Although they are based on the same kernel of operators, most of them are incompatible in practice. We aim at reducing the gap between process calculi, and especially making possible the joint use of underlying tool support. FSP is a widely-used calculus equipped with LTSA, a graphical and user-friendly tool. LOTOS is the only process calculus that has led to an international standard, and is supported by the CADP verification toolbox. We propose a translation of FSP sequential processes into LOTOS. Since FSP composite processes (i.e., parallel compositions of processes) are hard to encode directly in LOTOS, they are translated into networks of automata which are another input language accepted by CADP. Hence, it is possible to use jointly LTSA and CADP to validate FSP specifications. Our approach is completely automated by a translator tool.

34 pages