TRAIAN 2.2 released on November 5, 2002

The VASY team is pleased to announce that the TRAIAN 2.2 compiler is available.

TRAIAN 2.2 is a compiler for LOTOS NT, a language very close to the ISO standard E-LOTOS.

Since the release of TRAIAN 2.0 in February 2000, TRAIAN has been intensively used. In particular, the VASY team is using TRAIAN with profit to develop four compilers:

An overview publication on the use of TRAIAN for compiler construction has been published in April 2002.

Version 2.2 of TRAIAN is a maintenance release. It fixes a few bugs in the compiler, includes new versions of the garbage collector library, and adds documentation in PDF format.

TRAIAN 2.2 is available for several platforms (Solaris, SunOS, Linux, and Windows). It can be freely downloaded from the TRAIAN Web Page located at:

David Champelovier,
Frédéric Lang,
Hubert Garavel

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