TRAIAN 2.3 released on May 5th, 2003

The VASY team is pleased to announce that the TRAIAN 2.3 compiler is available.

TRAIAN 2.3 is a compiler for LOTOS NT, a language very close to the ISO standard E-LOTOS.

Version 2.3 of TRAIAN fixes five bugs and brings four useful improvements:

  1. Particular classes of data types (enumerated types, tuples, natural numbers, singleton types, and isomorphic types) are now automatically recognized and implemented optimally.

  2. For recursive types, heuristics are used so as to reduce the use of pointers as much as possible. However, the user can still force a given type T to be implemented as a pointer type by using the pragma
    in the definition of T, i.e.,
                            type T is
                                    !implementedby ...
                            end type
  3. Values of pointer types can now receive a canonical representation. If the definition of a type T contains the following pragma
             !pointer N
    where N is a strictly positive integer, then all values of type T will be stored into a hash table of size N and, thus, represented as entries within this table. The hash table is extensible, meaning that T can have more than N different values. For performance reasons, it is advised to choose a value of N close to the cardinal of T. The demo_02 has been slightly modified to use canonical values: This divides by 400 the amount of memory required.

  4. A new directive (similar to the '#include' directive in C/C++) was added to allow LOTOS NT specifications to be split into separate files. For instance, the following directive:
                      library "f1.lnt", "f2.lnt", ... end library
    will tell TRAIAN to insert f1.lnt, f2.lnt, etc.

TRAIAN 2.3 is available for several platforms (Solaris, Linux, and Windows). It can be freely downloaded from the TRAIAN Web Page located at:

Within the VASY team, TRAIAN is used extensively for compiler construction (see the overview publication on this application of TRAIAN). In addition to the four compilers (Evaluator 4.0, Exp.Open 2.0, NTIF, and SVL 2.0) already mentioned in the TRAIAN 2.2 Web Page, a new compiler named AAL (Archware Analysis Language) is being developed (currently 6000 lines of LOTOS NT code, 2700 lines of SYNTAX code, and 900 lines of handwritten C code).

David Champelovier,
Claude Chaudet,
Hubert Garavel,
Frédéric Lang

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