The VASY Team

The VASY team completed its scientific activities in December 2011. From January 2012, the VASY team members have launched a new research team named CONVECS.

    The VASY team in 1998. From left to right: Massimo Zendri, Mihaela Sighireanu, Aldo Mazzilli, Hubert Garavel, Radu Mateescu, Christophe Discours

    The VASY team in March 2000. From left to right: Massimo Zendri, Radu Mateescu, Irina Smarandache, Hubert Garavel, Moez Cherif, Joanna Payart, and Marc Herbert

    The VASY team in January 2001. From left to right: Adrian Curic, Stéphane Martin, Hubert Garavel, Valérie Gardès, Frédéric Perret, Radu Mateescu, Frédéric Lang, and Nicolas Zuanon

    The VASY team in November 2001. From left to right: Christophe Joubert, Frédéric Tronel, Radu Mateescu, Frédéric Lang, Bruno Ondet, Frédéric Perret, Valérie Gardès, Hubert Garavel, Gilles Stragier, and Gordon Pace

    The VASY team in October 2002. From left to right: X, Frédéric Tronel, Hubert Garavel, Bruno Ondet, Solofo Ramangalahy, Nicolas Descoubes, Frédéric Lang, David Champelovier, Radu Mateescu, Christophe Joubert, and Aurore Collomb.

    The VASY team in June 2004. From left to right - Front row: David Champelovier, Aurore Collomb, Christophe Joubert, and Radu Mateescu - Second row: X, Frédéric Lang, Wendelin Serwe, Hubert Garavel, and Nicolas Descoubes.

    The VASY team in September 2006. From left to right - Front row: Elodie Toihein, Aneta Nowicka - Second row: Gwen Salaun, Marie Vidal, Jérôme Fereyre, David Champelovier - Third row: Frédéric Lang, Hubert Garavel, Jan Stöcker, and Wendelin Serwe.

    The VASY team in June 2008. From left to right - Front row: Xavier Clerc, Meriem Zidouni, Sylvain Robert, Radu Mateescu, Romain Lacroix, Anton Wijs - Second row: Frédéric Lang, Yves Guerte, Sylvain Rampacek, Jan Stöcker - Third row: Rémi Hérilier, Hubert Garavel, Olivier Ponsini, and Wendelin Serwe.

    The VASY team in May 2010. From left to right - Front row: Vincent Powazny, Simon Bouland, Iker Bellicot, Radu Mateescu, Gwen Salaün - Second row: Rémi Hérilier, Alain Kaufmann, Yann Genevois, Damien Thivolle, Hubert Garavel, Wendelin Serwe, Frédéric Lang.

    The VASY team in December 2011. From left to right - Front row: Xavier Blanc (Bordeaux), Gwen Salaün, Hubert Garavel, Radu Mateescu, Frédéric Lang, Christian Attiogbé (Nantes), Matthias Güdemann - Second row: Grégory Batt (Rocquencourt), Wendelin Serwe, Iker Bellicot, Rémi Hérilier.
  • INRIA Research scientists

  • Associate Professor

      Gwen Salaün (September 2009-December 2011) - Grenoble INP

  • Invited Professor

  • Industry engineers

      Ghassan Chehaibar (1995-February 1998) - Bull

      Etienne Lantreibecq (December 2006-December 2010) - STMicroelectronics

      Solofo Ramangalahy (June 2001-May 2004) - Bull

      Massimo Zendri (August 1997-April 2000) - Bull

      Nicolas Zuanon (May 2000-April 2001) - Bull

  • Expert-engineers

      Iker Bellicot (October 2009-November 2011)

      Damien Bergamini (September 2002-January 2005)

      Simon Bouland (February 2009-December 2010)

      David Champelovier (September 2002-February 2008)

      Moez Cherif (April 1999-October 2000)

      Xavier Clerc (November 2007-October 2008)

      Nicolas Descoubes (September 2002-November 2004)

      Christophe Discours (April 1998-January 1999)

      Yann Genevois (September 2009-February 2011)

      Yves Guerte (April 2007-August 2009)

      Marc Herbert (May 1999-September 2000)

      Rémi Hérilier (February 2007-November 2011)

      Mark Jorgensen (January 1997-January 1998)

      Alain Kaufmann (October 2009-November 2010)

      Romain Lacroix (January 2007-December 2008)

      Stéphane Martin (November 2000-January 2001)

      Christine McKinty (February-November 2009, December 2010-November 2011)

      Jeanne Merle (September 2008-August 2009)

      Bruno Ondet (September 2001-December 2002)

      Louis Paternault (October 2008-September 2009)

      Frédéric Perret (November 2000-December 2001)

      Vincent Powazny (April 2010-June 2011)

      Sylvain Robert (February 2007-August 2008)

      Gideon Smeding (March-November 2009)

      Damien Thivolle (December 2010-February 2011)

      Frédéric Tronel (October 2001-July 2003)

      Marie Vidal (September 2006-August 2007)

  • Post-doctorate researchers

  • Doctorate (PhD) students

      Nicolas Coste (March 2007-January 2010) - STMicroelectronics

      Mihaela Sighireanu (February 1994-December 1998)

      Christophe Joubert (October 2001-December 2005)

      Jan Stöcker (September 2006-August 2009)

      Damien Thivolle (October 2007-November 2010)

      Meriem Zidouni (March 2007-February 2010) - Bull

  • DEA (MSc) students

      Manuel Aguilar Cornejo (October 1998-June 1999)

      Adrian Curic (March 2000-September 2001)

      Abdul-Malik Khan (November 2005-June 2006)

  • Computer science students

      Xavier Bouchoux (July-September 1998) - ENSIMAG (Grenoble)

      Alban Catry (March-September 2003) - Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau)

      Claude Chaudet (January-June 1999) - IIE-CNAM (Evry)

      Julien Henry (June-July 2009)

      Jérôme Fereyre (November 2005-November 2006) - CNAM (Grenoble)

      Bruno Hondelatte (January-June 1998) - ENSIMAG (Grenoble)

      David Jacquemin (July-August 1997) - ENSIMAG (Grenoble)

      Pierre Kessler (January-June 1998) - ENSIMAG (Grenoble)

      Nathalie Lépy (November 2005-August 2006 and February-April 2007) - CUEFA-CNAM (Grenoble)

      Aldo Mazzilli (October 1998-September 1999) - CUEFA-CNAM (Grenoble)

      Guillaume Schaeffer (April-September 2003) - SUPELEC (Metz)

      Bruno Vivien (October 1996-September 1997) - CUEFA-CNAM (Grenoble)

      Patrick Wendel (July-August 1997) - ENSIMAG (Grenoble)

  • Computer science students from foreign universities

      Gilles Stragier (October 2001-January 2002) - ULB (Brussels)

  • Project assistants

      Stéphanie Berger (January 2007)

      Béatrice Claudio (1996-November 2000)

      Diane Courtiol (September-December 2007)

      Marlyse Felici (January 2007-August 2007)

      Valérie Gardès (January 2001-December 2004)

      Laetitia Gatier (January 2008-June-2008)

      Catherine Magnin (May 2003-January 2004)

      Joanna Payart (January 1998-October 2000)

      Helen Pouchot (January 2008-December 2011)

      Véronique Roux (November 2000-December 2000)

      Elodie Toihein (January 2005-December 2006)

      Myriam Vergote (May 2001-July 2001)

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